When he’s not making high-stakes wagers at the debate podium, Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign has actually gone off better than expected this time around. Sure he still has the helmet hair and most of the Republican Party would like to see him disappear, but the man appeals to a countless number of people. But poll numbers mean nothing to Vietnam veteran, Bob Garon.

Garon, who proudly admits that he is gay, confronted Romney at a campaign event in New Hampshire yesterday and questioned the former Governor of Massachusetts on whether or not he would support repealing New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage law, according to ABC News. Romney then informed Garon that he would support the repeal and that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Then the sparks began to fly.

Garon confronted the visibly uncomfortable Romney on the situation, informing him that he fought for this country and should be allowed to share the benefits that a married couple is entitled to. The Presidential hopeful then quickly got up and left the table.

Romney must be having the appropriate flashbacks that his 2012 campaign might be ruined by a Vietnam vet, just like his 2008 campaign was.

[via ABC News