Pasco County, which is just north of Tampa, is looking to compete with Miami-Dade county as an attraction for naked tourists. Pasco County, you see, has come up with this plan to use tax dollars to promote its nude beaches to wealthy, clothes-loathing Europeans.

The Pasco Area Nudist Development Association (PANDA) was shot down when it approached the county's tourism board back in '08, but the board told them to come with a more organized plan. That plan involved increasing visibility-literally-and then requesting a $4,000 grant to draw Germans and English nudists during the slower summer months.

The board will entertain the idea, as long as it brings in money. This news has Miami nudist groups looking to do the same, as they claim Haulover Beach (sign above, and one of the country's few sanctioned public nude beaches) is a bigger tourist attraction than the Dolphins and Marlins combined. That makes sense, but ouch to both franchises.

[via Miami New Times]

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