One unfortunate soul from Hickory, NC is staring at a DWI and other charges, but that's what typically what happens when you crash your red '89 Chevy Camaro into the back of a DWI mobile command center. The "Boose It And Lose It" checkpoint team was about to call it a night when 21-year-old Douglas Shane Southard rear ended the unit with his classic, reinforcing the belief that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

No one inside was injured, but Southard was taken to the hospital with non-threatening injuries. The real pain, however, will be repairing his Camaro (look at the photos and shed a tear) and finding a good lawyer. Then again, he was already driving with a revoked license, so he probably won't be behind the wheel of anything for a minute.

[via Deadspin and WCNC]

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