In another story of people ripping off other people's ideas, this one seems a little more substantial. Maybe it's because this thing is a more serious chunk of change, at $139.99. 

It's the new S7100 Gaming Tablet from Chinese manufacturer JXD, and wears it's inspiration on it's sleeve. It also wears it on the front and the back and everywhere else. And with a frontpage that says, "We are different," the whole thing has a serious WTF-ness about it.

All that said, the guts are not bad: 

- 7-inch Android 2.2

- 512MB of RAM

- 16GB of storage

- ARM Cortex A9 CPU

- Mail 400 GPU

And for the time being, you can purchase the tablet here, before the man steps in and halts the sale of these tablets that might have a better chance if they didn't so blatantly lift from other's products. There exists on this thing an X, Square, Circle and Triangle, and Sony is nowhere to be seen. For now.