The year was 1983 and director John G. Avildsen was getting ready to shoot The Karate Kid with stars Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. As part of the filmmaking experience, Avildsen recorded all of the rehearsals and edited them together into a very rough version of the movie. Using budget cameras so the ators could watch themselves back afterwards, it was used as a tool to give them a sense of what the movie would be like, and now we have all the clips for you to watch.

It's goodies like this that make the Pop Culture the place to be, y'know? As a Karate Kid fanatic, you got to admit how sweet it is to find this nugget of nerdity. Nowadays, you'd be lucky to see a film start off the same way as the final theatrical version. It's truly incredible when you also see tons of unseen scenes that contains the best DVD extra content not on a DVD. We have the first three parts for your viewing above and below, but check out One Cool Thing A Day for the full run-through.

We can only imagine what else lurks in John Avildsen's closet now. Hilarious outtakes from Rocky? Maybe he has a stash of audition tapes from Lean On Me featuring a crazy Morgan Freeman and a pre-Juice Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins.

[via /Film and One Cool Thing A Day]