After becoming another political punching bag, Rick Perry decided to have some fun with his meme-status by appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman. The guy who dropped one of this year's best "brain turds" reveled in the wake of his "oops!" moment at Wednesday's GOP debate to read Letterman's Top 10 List. The Texas Governor's delivery is a bit campy, but he riffled off several hot topics, from would-be frenemy Mitt Romney being his rival to callin' Justin Bieber his baby daddy.

With the GOP debates becoming must watch TV for its sheer comedy gold status, Perry looks to turn lemons into lemonade by becoming Mr. Catchphrase-at-the-Moment. His Late Show appearance may have shown us how self-deprecating Dubya's BFF can be, but by humanizing the event will Perry's presidential hopes still be able to hit the stage come next November?

Watch this moment above and share your commentary in the section below!

[via Mediaite]