TLC has been churning out reality shows at impressively high speeds lately. And, from tattoo-faced men terrified of puppies to milfs living vicariously through their daughters, we really thought reality TV had exploited every available weirdo, but we were wrong!

Next Sunday, TLC plans to air “Virgin Diaries", a special whose title does little justice to the awesomely awkward promo above, which features an inexperienced couple sharing their first kiss on their wedding day. I mean, holding off on the big bang before marriage is one thing, but butterfly-kisses-only before the big day? That's just poor decision making.

If we had any doubts of that fact, they were steamrolled post-viewing the above video. Let's just say this, their premier smooch disregards proper mechanics and the term "easing in" and looks like what you might have tried in third grade, if you were poorly imitating a 90210 makeout-sesh. Yes it's that awesome sad.

TLC's special "Virgin Diaries" will air December 4th. 

[via BlackBook]