Herman Cain has plenty of issues on his hands at the moment, so we here at Pop Culture wanted to add one more coal to the fire. The American Mustache Institute (yes, they're a real organization!) has decided to withdraw its endorsement of the former Godfather's Pizza CEO.

If you're wondering how Cain even got their support, we guess you have to pay better attention to our past presidents in photos. "Mr. Cain would be the first Mustached American President of the United States since William Howard Taft," says the foundation established in 1965. "Thus inspiring a new generation of good looking and fearless Mustached American leadership and public service."

Their change of heart stems from the accusations of sexual harassment that have the Institute's mustache twitching. What's even more interesting is that the tounge-in-cheek organization doesn't even think Cain's 'stache is even real! "We've had a number of sources come to us and say it is in fact a theater quality mustache," Aaron Perlut told POLITICO. But truly the final kick in the face comes when The American Mustache Institute says that Godfather's Pizza's all-meat combo "was far too sparse in its meat volume."

AYO! Next time guys, just leave "Mr. Black Walnut" alone and focus on stopping these guys from ruining the meaning of a good mustachio.