Here’s the not-so-well-kept secret shared amongst all filmmakers dabbling in the “stoner comedy” genre: The movies themselves don’t really need to be any good. The reason being, of course, that it doesn’t take much to make a weeded-up viewer laugh; not to mention, the last thing a blazed couch potato wants to do is ruminate over abstract plots, riveting drama, or verbose monologues—just deliver the lowest degree of funny and you’ve got a minor-level hit on your hands.

That’s not to say that all of the funniest stoner comedies are actually trash when evaluated while sober; as you’re about to see, several of the films on our following countdown of The 25 Best Stoner Comedies Of All Time are legitimately good films. And then some of them are awesomely bad. Don’t worry, we left our Roger Ebert book on the shelf and opted for the latest issue of High Times—you know, to rip a few pages out for makeshift rolling papers.

Hitting theaters today, however, is a Mary Jane flick that’s on the more positive end of the critical spectrum: A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, the third pot-heavy adventure starring everyone’s favorite racially diverse, and positively hemmed, antiheroes. Much funnier than its mediocre predecessor, 2008’s Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, the fellas’ Yuletide romp is the best stoner comedy in years, earning its place amongst the greatest sticky icky pics. To see the movies that it just falls short of, though, blow through the smoke and peep what’s next.