Besides the lack of accuracy in the motion controls, the inability to skip large blocks of text when speaking to characters with whom Link interacts often, like the merchants in Skyloft, gets irritating. This feels like a no-brainer, and it’s shocking that no one thought to include a way to bypass these repetitive and unnecessary dialogues.

Not all of the puzzles in Skyward Sword have video hints, and some of those puzzles can be quite challenging. Solving them can be extended exercises in consternation followed by “The answer was right in front of me!” moments, and this pattern can wear on nerves. Skyward Sword is also best experienced not as a linear adventure. Moving from dungeon to dungeon without stopping by old haunts to see what new surprises have been unveiled will deny players a huge portion of the game’s total content. Anyone looking for a game that pushes them forward through a narrative, or who has low tolerance for puzzles and brain-teasers, is well advised to move along.

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