Despite what the over-the-top madness might lead you to believe, Serious Sam games never felt exceptionally difficult. You’re outnumbered, sure, but with a few hundred hit points and pick-ups aplenty, you could always make it through. This time around, things have changed. Foes will swarm you mercilessly, picking you apart while others fire rockets at you from a few stories up. It’s tough. Like, swear, stand up, and walk around for a while tough. Strangely, if you want the true Serious Sam experience, you’ll have to turn the difficulty down a notch or two. By the way, it’s impossible not to feel worthless when you do this.  

The otherwise enjoyable campaign is punctuated with decidedly non-Sam sections. For instance, early in the game, you’ll delve deep underground with little more than a flashlight and a pistol. The enemies in this section leap stealthily from column to column, attempting to elicit nervousness or fear or some sort of emotion other than pure bloodlust. It doesn’t really work, and the contrived attempt at horror feels like an unnecessary speed bump. These moments crop up from time to time, but ignoring the game because of these faults would be like turning down a scrumptious, cheesy burger because you tasted pickles in a few bites.

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