It does seem fitting that a game set in a city that is considered the preeminent gateway to Asia would also introduce bomb crafting to Assassin's Creed. Pardon the pun, but this addition to Ezio's arsenal is no throwaway feature. Call it the series' form of alchemy, where Ezio can learn new recipes and ways to use these bombs effectively. Each bomb type serves one of three purposes: distract, obscure or injure. You can learn about as many as a dozen bombs in the game’s opening hours, from bombs that disperses caltrops to rudimentary grenades to creative explosives that shower nearby NPC with gold.

Much like some of the game's other features, no extensive time in bomb crafting is needed to beat the game. Yet for the Assassin's Creed completionists, the game gives you a lot of incentives to become a bomb making master. Every act imaginable in Revelations has a challenge whether it's in calling X assassins to discretely take out Templars or using the hookblade X times in a specific way. Yet unlike many games that merely feature challenges as an extension of trophies/achievements, the ones in this game actually have practical rewards, like discounts on goods or more effective assassins in your brotherhood.
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