Each subsequent Assassins Creed hasn't improved upon the preview installment's sandbox gameplay mechanics so much as each one has added more and more ways to deal with a given situation.  In Assassins Creed Revelations, it's not a question about what should you do but more of what would you like to do. Indeed, Ezio's abilities and tricks has expanded so much since his playboy days that it would be worth your while to break from the main narrative and goals early on and gain practice and knowledge of Revelations' new features.

Welcoming Ezio to Constantinople is Yusef, a fellow assassin who quickly gets him up to date on the state of affairs of the city and the drama involving the Byzantines, the Ottomans, and the Templars. He also introduces Ezio to the benefits of the hookblade, an item that is the closest the series has ever had to a Swiss Army knife. It makes it a worthy melee combat replacement to Ezio's hidden blades. More importantly, these take great advantage of the level design of Constantinople. These extend Ezio's reach to help him make slightly longer jumps as well as making him a swifter climber.

The countless rooftop ropes throughout the city work well with the hook portion of the the hookblade, acting as a zipline. Should there be any unfortunate targets along your zipline path, you can perform an air assassination by jumping off the zipline prematurely. This underscores the game’s expansive controls scheme, the depth of which might feel daunting for those used to the simplicity of Grand Theft Auto but certainly rewarding for fans who have followed the Assassin’s Creed series from day one. In Revelations’ defense, many of these moves are optional, but they do help greatly in progressing through the game should one take the time to learn these new abilities.

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