Yukes doesn’t waste all its new talent, either. These guys aren’t simply faces to draw you in; a few – including Lesnar – make appearances in the WWE Universe mode and the remade Road to Wrestlemania.

The inclusion of the new guys is nice, but it can’t save Road to Wrestlemania’s limited new design. Instead of guiding any wrestler of your choice to WWE’s biggest event, you play through a few months while controlling Triple H, Sheamus and a created wrestler.

This limits your creativity and imagination, even as Yukes tries to tell a more cohesive story. The entire Road to Wrestlemania is now paved with more than just match after match. There are interruptions and backstage fights, out of ring incidents and the like.

The focus is on telling a tighter tale, and it seems to work, but the mode never truly captures your imagination. You’ll spend far too much time reading text, and nothing feels truly natural.

When you’re in the ring, and a match turns into a marathon, it’s fine; it feels like, well, a marathon match. But when you’re out of the ring, battling through one of the Road to Wrestlemania’s written-in-stone sequences that just happens to become a marathon, it feels strange. That’s not how WWE’s supposed to play out.

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