When Electronic Arts "announced" (and we use that term loosely) that PlayStation 3 players wouldn’t be receiving a free copy of Battlefield 1943 with their purchase of Battlefield 3, we had a feeling that the ordeal was far from over.

The real problem that exists is not that fact that the offer was withdrawn but rather the manner in which it was done. EA failed to notify anyone of the change in the deal until after the game officially launched. A little bit of notification would have been appreciated by pretty much everyone in the industry.

The gaming public isn’t going to take it on the chin and neither is the lawfirm of Edelson McGuire. The firm has filed suit against EA on behalf of PS3 players who purchased Battlefield 3. These types of suits don’t normally go too far, but this one could be different. EA really dropped the ball in notifying customers of the change in the offer and they could end up paying the price for that. All that the firm is seeking is the original offer, a free copy of Battlefield 1943; that is it, no extra punitive damages, no refunds or damages, just the original promise upheld.

We will keep our eyes on this as the lawsuit progresses as we agree, we want our free game as promised.

[via Kotaku]