Serious Sam has always been about the weapons. This installment is no different.

You’ll begin the game with a devastating sledgehammer. It crushes skulls with ease, killing most enemies in a single hit. Does it break? Of course not. Weapon degradation is for chumps. There’s a pistol with incredible accuracy and range, an assault rifle, a couple of shotguns, C4 charges, a rocket launcher, and a few other goodies to discover. Like most shooters released near the turn of the century, you can carry all of the weapons. That whole “two weapons and a sidearm” thing doesn’t fly here.   

Signature Serious Sam combat scenarios make a return. You know the ones: wide open areas, hundreds of enemies, lots of explosions. It really does feel great to emerge from a small, claustrophobic tunnel only to be greeted by an army.

These events last several minutes and are refreshingly challenging. Opponents in modern games will try to circle around and flank you, draw you out with explosives, or snipe you from cover. Opponents in Serious Sam 3 only want to charge you en masse. If you’ve been living on a steady diet of modern shooters, prepare to adapt or die.

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