Apple wasn't the first company to integrate a voice-controlled personal assistant service into a gadget (anyone remember the Microsoft-backed Ford Sync?), but since the release of the iPhone 4S and the Siri software, a number of consumer electronics companies have began working on their own voice-activated aides. Pioneer has joined the fray today with its new Zypr service. 

Zypr, like Siri, will allow consumers to request assistance with natural voice commands. Users will be able to find out the weather, good places nearby to eat, and call people from their phonebook. However, unlike Siri, Zyper will not be limited to a certain operating system or platform. Pioneer intends the service to get outfitted in a number of applications including smartphones, tablets, computers, and in-car entertainment systems. It's also building a number or services into the API like Google Search, Twitter, and Facebook. Pioneer will offer Zypr for free to entice hardware makers to incorporate it into their devices. 

Head to the Zypr site to learn more. 

[via Slash Gear