The high levels of strontium in the tap water of Huarmey has its mayor concerned. While addressing  a crowd, Mayor Jose Benitez warned that the metal alters hormones, therefore leading to homosexuality. No, seriously.

This ridiculous notion stems from a 2000 television news report, which stated that water from the town of Tabalosos was responsible for its entire male population dipping its toes into the pool of homosexuality. Apparently, nobody told Mayor Benitez that this was just a rumor, but is it really the type of the thing you have to break down to someone? Hey, common sense really isn't that common.

It won't turn you gay, but strontium can lead to cardiovascular problems, anaemia and bone cancer. Mayor Benitez, however, seems more concerned about the possibility of homosexuality. Not only is this blatantly homophobic, it's hilariously inaccurate. Get it right, fam.

[via Gawker]

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