32 people were arrested this morning-peacefully, albeit-as police evicted Occupy Oakland protesters from their encampment for a second time. As the sun rose, more than one hundred officers descended upon the site, clearing out tents and taking demonstrators who refused to leave into custody.

Following the raid, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said the tent city was evicted once more because the protest "began to take a different path than the original movement." Although the second eviction took place without confrontation, it should be noted that the first one went down under similar circumstances. Protesters followed it up with a memorable battle against police the very same night, so authorities are waiting patiently for Occupy Oakland to respond.

Mayor Quan's legal adviser Dan Siegel stepped down from his position today, stating that he and the city were no longer "on the same page". It looks like Quan's constant flip-flopping has even frustrated those next to her, as Siegel strongly disapproved of the city's decision to remove the encampment and even encouraged support for the movement. Occupy Oakland intends to return to Frank Ogawa Plaza, so let's see what the outcome is. They could always celebrate their eviction like Occupy Portland did, and it might even be a way to ease the tension between demonstrators and police.

[via SFGate and Gawker]

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