Nike is constantly creating and testing new technologies to help its athletes be more effective in their respective sports. One of the latest breakthroughs to come from the Nike Research Lab are the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyeglasses. Created to help train athlete's eyes for improved sensory performance, the SPARQ Vapor Strobes feature curved plastic lenses which utilize liquid crystal displays to create the stroboscopic effect—an effect that makes moving objects appear to be going in slow-motion. 

When the difficulty is turned up via controls on the side of the glasses, the strobe becomes slower which allows for the least amount of visual information to come through. The glasses help to train six aspects of the athletes regimen; focus, timing, imagery, reaction time, balance, and peripheral vision. Check out the video above to see how one of the NFL's best receivers Greg Jennings incorporates strobe training into his workout.

If you think the SPARQ Vapor Strobes can help improve your game, they're available now from the Nike Store for $300.