It's no secret that RIM is in dire straits. The Canadian company's BlackBerry brand is in desperate need of a booster shot. The guys over at The Verge were given a sneak peek at the phone that may just be the rejuvenation the troubled smartphone line has been hoping for. Dubbed the BlackBerry London, the phone sports a full touchscreen and is reportedly thinner than the iPhone 4. Beneath its black and silver casing (that resembles the Porsche Design P9981) lies a 1.5GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, an 8 MP rear camera, and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Not bad at all. 

It's also the first phone running the new BlackBerry OS, BBX, which is based on the QNX OS that powers the BlackBerry PlayBook. Though not in its final stages, you can see the resemblance in the photo above. The London is supposed to hit stores in June 2012. 

If any phone was to bring BlackBerry back into the coversation, it's the London. 

[via The Verge]