The late Steve Jobs was / is many things: technological mastermind, master speaker, showman, and a creative genius. His work and efforts to further spanned numerous industries and crossed many bounds, but for some to label him as a pioneer in the gaming industry is downright blasphemy.

There was an article recently posted to’s website which caught our eye because quite frankly, we couldn’t agree more. Long story short, a survey was held at the recent London Games Conference which resulted in Steve Jobs being labeled by attendees as the most influential person in the gaming world and the iPhone as the most influential product in the gaming industry. The worst part is that the results of each of these categories named these answers heads and shoulders above the second place entries. What are these people smoking?

You could easily argue the iPhone’s impact on the segment of mobile and casual gaming, but when you shift things to the grander scale, it practically falls off the map. And as for Steve’s direct influence on gaming, we’re still waiting for even a remote explanation of his impact. We love Steve Jobs, and are immensely thankful for all that he has done in the technological world, but it isn’t like he went into his personal garage and emerged with a completed iPhone which he presented to the world and changed everything with his simple gift. If we are going to honor the man, let’s at least do it in a manner which can be done with a straight face.