Complex: Rayman is now 16 years old. Most video game characters don’t make it this far. What’s kept Rayman alive all these years?

Michel Ancel: Well, I think it’s good that he’s had some time to rest. It’s been a while since the last Rayman platformer game. With Rayman we’ve had the chance to try a number of approaches, but there’s always been a big focus on art and music.

Now, we’re seeing a lot of excitement because with Rayman Origins we are going back to our roots. When we made the original Rayman in 1995, it was the first game made at Ubisoft that was 100 percent done by artists from outside the video game industry. This project started quite similarly. We began the project with this idea of going back to the artistic dimension of Rayman’s universe. We wanted to work with artists in animation studios, traditional painters, and illustrators.

We believe that the combination of art and gameplay can create the kind of surprises that every player would like to experience.  We believe this is what keeps Rayman going strong.