One thing I found very interesting was the debate surrounding the damage system in GT5 in that there seemed to be a camp that said "Well, there shouldn't be damage to the cars at all - that's not what we're here for, we're here for the driving experience."

Meanwhile, there was another camp that thought "Well, we want a precise simulation, we want everything as accurate as possible." This seems like a fine line to walk between fans, and I wonder what you personally think. Is the endeavor to make a pure simulation, or to take something that is necessarily complex and make it simpler for the average fan.

Of course, you can turn the damage system on or off in the game. You can tell from our servers how many people playing online have the damage system turned off and on, and we actually found that 90% of the people playing online have the damage system turned off. And we will continue to provide that as an option.

I think I personally endeavor for something closer to reality, because I think you can keep the game still accessible to people, even while it is complex. For example, World of Warcraft is a complex game, but there is a huge number of people still playing the game. [Laughs] But, ultimately this is not just the recreation of reality.

I am trying to create art. What I tell our staff all the time is that the reason I pursue realism all the time is not because I'm a realist -- it's because I'm a romantic. Otherwise I wouldn't do something crazy like this. [Laughs]

What are some other video games you've come to appreciate or enjoy?

There are a lot of old games that are my favorites. But looking at it as a video game creator, the games I think are great, for example, are games like Will Wright's Spore. The concept behind games like that are interesting and worthwhile.

Thank you very much for your time.

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