Do you get feedback from current race car drivers about the game?

I get that feedback daily, actually. I keep in contact with drivers like [French rally driver] Sebastien Loeb and [German Formula One driver] Sebastian Vettel.

Which helps give the game the real world seal of approval.

I actually just won a Class Victory in the 24 hour race in Nurburgring this year. That, in a way, proves the validity of the game in person.

Bryan of course further demonstrates that validity because his experience, unlike your own, was almost entirely restricted to the Gran Turismo series.


I realize to a large extent the next game is still being developed and details still haven't been hashed out, but of course I'm obliged by our readers to ask a few questions. What's the next step? Where do you see the series going from here?

There is a lot more left that I want to do for Gran Turismo, so its a matter of revisiting the last game and working on each thing one-by-one.

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