Two New Jersey parents have had all four of their children taken away from them by the state. Their youngest child, little Hons Campell, was snatched up by child welfare agents just hours after his birth last week. He'll join his older brother Adolf Hitler and sisters JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie with the Division of Youth and Family Services. After a hearing on Monday, a judge ruled that baby Hons would remain in the state's custody.

Heath and Deborah Campbell claim to have no idea why their children were taken, and DYFS says they can't reveal any further info. The three older children were taken into custody in 2009, and last year an appeals court ruled that the kids were at risk because of their parents "unspecified physical and psychological disabilities." We can only wonder what they're referring to.

A family court discovered evidence of abuse, but the Campbell's believe their children were taken because of their Nazi-inspired names. Oh, alright. Back in '09, a DYFS spokeswoman told that children are only taken away if abuse or neglect is discovered, so parents are free to name their children after Nazis if they want. They just shouldn't be surprised when people don't understand.

[via Village Voice and New York Daily News]

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