David Scott of Greeley, Colorado walked into Sherry's Market and smashed a display case full of glass pipes. What prompted this impulsive behavior? Well, it's legal in Colorado to sell them to kids under 18, and Scott claimed that his stepbrother became a meth addict after using similar ones. He then proceeded to destroy every glass pipe in the store, later justifying his actions by saying they were "ruining people's lives."

We understand Scott's concern about his family and the possibility of kids using meth, but destroying inventory to get your point across wasn't a wise strategy. Not only will Sherry's Market continue to sell the glass pipes, Scott can't even come in and break more of them because he's been banned from the store and charged with criminal mischief. If he's that bothered by meth addiction, he should just  warn his kids against its dangers. The thing is, there's probably a ton of shit around his house that they can get high with, so by his logic he should trash his own house.

[via Gawker]

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