Baylor University students can register for a class titled "Homosexuality as Gateway Drug" and learn what it can lead to. Inquisitive students will be able to explore "an area of sociology not covered by regular course offerings." Even though Baylor prides itself on "looking for ways to improve and enhance" the educational experience of its student body, the course description reads like cult propaganda.

Considering that Baylor is located in Waco, Texas, this class is probably going to lean heavily to the right. However, it is a sociology course, so it's sure to spark some interesting debates. What kind of books will be required for this class, and what will students be tested on? Better yet, will the professor even show up? It's listed as closed on Baylor's hilariously titled BearWeb, so a lot kids would be disappointed if they missed out on this.

[via Gawker and Buzzfeed]

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