Adam Sandler is a thief. Instead of sharing the cinematic wealth and doling out the role of Jill in his new movie Jack And Jill to one of Hollywood's many talented actresses, he decided to do them (and us!) dirty and take the role of both brother and sister for himself. That's straight greedy!

He's not the first to encroach on the opportunities of other. There's a long tradition of thievery in movies that began with white-dominated era in film where every racially diverse role was achieved by an over-reaching white man with an elaborate make-up job, a dirty disservice to both actor and moviegoer that continues to occur. From Tyler Perry taking on dual-sex roles in the neverending and needless Madea flicks and John Travolta in Hairsprary, even down to Eddie Murphy's repeat offenses in Norbit and The Nutty Professor, the role-stealing game is an old hustle.

With Jack And Jill, Sandler's sneaky move isn't just jipping the many capable comedienne's who could have profited from the role—he is short-changing us, the viewers, forcing us to endure a double-dosage of his now-lame shtick and inevitably failed attempts at humor. Because let's be real here, we can't even remember the last time Sandler was funny; our memory just doesn't extend that far back.

So while Jack And Jill's trite plot may have sprung the initial leaks in this soon-to-be box office Titanic, it was the double dose of Adam Sandler that sunk this movie before it ever set sail. But it didn't have to go down like this. Here, we offer our solution, albeit one that's too late, with the following list of the 10 Actresses Adam Sandler Stole A Job From.

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