Henry Cavill has a special PSA of sorts for you fans of Greek mythology. The actor, currently at work bringing Clark Kent to cineplexes the world over in Zack Snyder's new Superman reboot: Man of Steel, is also starring as Theseus in Relativity's Immortals. In this new clip courtesy of Yahoo!, Cavill's character is summoned to appear before King Hyperion's men to receive an ominous message of foreboding.

Played by Mickey Rourke, Hyperion is delivered pretty kick-ass violent reply from the mythical founder-king of Athens. "Does he know my rage? Does he know that I live, only to see his blood at the end of my sword? Does he know he butchered my mother?" Theseus asks the masked soldier of his enemy Hyperion before it is revealed that the man is Hyperion himself.

The footage cuts off just as Theseus realizes he cannot attack his enemy because he is surrounded. Want to find out what happens? Well, Relativity Media's Immortals opens in theaters on November 11.

[via Yahoo! Movies]