Among the new iPhone's various internal improvements is a new 1080P video camera, making it the first iPhone to shoot full HD. But, of course, not all HD cameras are created equal. So how does the 4S's hold up?

To find out, Robino Films created this handy comparison video that pits the new iPhone against arguably the most popular portable HD video camera among professionals: the Canon 5D Mark II.

In most scenarios, the 5D, which— even without a lens— is roughly 12x as expensive as an iPhone 4S on contract, shoots predictably sharper videos. But the iPhone is no slouch, especially in low light scenarios. And when its videos are showcased alone, outside of the shadow of the 5D, they're even more impressive.

So, while your new iPhone won't get you professional HD video, we'd bet it'd do more than fine against more direct competition, like a $300 point-and-shoot, say.