Summer Glau is as stunningly gorgeous as she is sweet, and we had the pleasure of experiencing both at NY's Comic-Con this year. Although Summer was there to promote the new alternate reality game she is working on - The Human Preservation Project - we were able to delve deeper into her career, experience with the popular sci-fi show Firefly, and where she sees it going from there. 

The Human Preservation Project, as Summer will explain to you in the video above, is an interactive story experience reminiscent of the recently released Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The world is complicated by a burgeoning technology market, and Summer plays the role of Natalia Suttinger in this fictional, futuristic world. 5 gum's promotional, browser-based game tells the importance of our 5 senses, something the company is adamant about protraying if you've ever seen their commercials.

Take a seat, relax, and listen to Summer's incredibly sweet voice tell you all about it.