Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese was paid to make an appearance at an event at a club in New Haven last weekend when, according to TMZ, security asked her to leave the VIP section once her hosting gig was up to "make way for paying customers." 

This understandably and obviously did not go over well with Deena, and she proceeded to tell them them what's what. Fortunately, TMZ got video, which you can watch above.

Deena spoke to TMZ about the incident.

"After I did over an hour of takingpictures, dancing on stage, and talking on the mic, I was done with my 2 hrs of work ... the owner decided to grab me, put me to the side, speak down to me , embarrass me in front of my fans, kicked my best friend out of V.I.P. and made me cry."

Bringing the drama, even off-season - the mark of a true reality television star.

[Via TMZ]