Donning the Dreadnaught Battleframe in the upcoming team-based shooter, Firefall, is akin to playing a heavy artillery class in other games.  But Firefall's big guys are the Batman of heavies, sporting a plethora of gadgets and tricks to disrupt, harass and destroy their enemies.  The suit has a chain gun (duh!) and an alt-fire energy shield, but that's just the beginning.  You can activate the heavy armor module to reduce incoming damage or switch on dread field to soak energy from nearby foes and convert it into a damage boost for you.  If you find yourself at a choke point and don't mind being stationary, you can activate turret mode for a huge boost in accuracy and rate of fire.  Repulsor blast is an area-of-effect knockback attack used to give you some breathing room and thunder dome creates a protection bubble around you preventing incoming damage for a few seconds.  Versatile, powerful and bad ass, the Dreadnaught Battleframe is sure to get your heart pumping when Firefall releases at the end of this year.

[via Destructoid]