Part of the brilliance of the first two Terminator movies was the technical wizardry that Stan Winston and his team of special effects artists brought to director James Cameron’s world. Before CGI really took over, it was a conceptual challenge for Cameron to bring his Terminator endoskeletons to the big screen, but Winston's Academy Award winning team blew everyone away. The only thing scarier than these soulless chrome robots were Linda Hamilton's jacked-up physique in T2

In the first Terminator, Winston’s animatronics shots were few and far between, with most of the Terminator endoskeleton effects coming courtesy of stop-motion animation. But there are a few scenes, especially when Arnold Schwarzenegger does some gory self-surgery, where you could see the beginning of Winston’s brilliance.

Thanks to a bigger budget and some technical advances in the field, Terminator 2 gave Winston even more opportunity to perfect his animatronic Terminator. In fact, it didn’t take long to stun audiences because Winston and Cameron decided to go all-out future war in the film's opening moments