There are probably only a handful of people on Earth that have yet to see James Cameron’s Avatar, but even those folks know that the movie has some of the best special effects in the last decade. Cameron and the team at WETA seamlessly blended live actors with a fully populated CGI planet, which resulted in one of the most beautiful alien worlds we have ever seen.

The movie’s most publicized achievement was the creation of the Na’vi, the blue skinned alien race that inhabit the world of Pandora. These impeccably-detailed aliens were some of the most convincing creatures ever produced, and could even teach their co-star, Sam Worthington, a thing or two about acting.

The only thing really holding the Na’vi back from being more impressive is the fact that Avatar is little more than Dances with Wolves set in space. If there was a better script involved, and if Cameron was more focused on storytelling rather than tinkering with CGI, perhaps WETA would have been able to do even more with the Na’vi.