Yes, I sealed a rift. Yes, I did it single-handed. But it was costly to life and limb, making it apparent that I’m punching above my weight class. I need allies in this war. Instead of trolling for a guild through the official forums, I figure the best way to be recruited is to earn it in-game. Perhaps winning a member’s trust will win me a personal invite into that guild. But I’m distracted. I’m somehow grouped with a player named Greeika, even though I don’t recall sending or accepting an invite. I track down Greeika to a roadside merchant, typing friendly banter into the chat box. “Hey, lovely rifts we’re having today, yeah?” She doesn’t respond. In fact she doesn’t move a muscle for a good 10 minutes. She must be away-from-keyboard or perhaps filching through menus. Or she doesn’t speak English. That’s OK: There are a lot of languages I don’t speak either.  After just so long I leave our group so that I’m rolling solo once more.