Air Dates: April 8, 1990 - June 10, 1991
Network: ABC
Best Episode: "Pilot" (April 8, 1990)

It's not exactly “going out on a limb” to declare that TV will never air another show quite like Twin Peaks. Much like cinemas won't screen films comparable to Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive any time soon. The common denominator here, of course, is David Lynch, the unclassifiable filmmaker whose wonderfully odd sensibilities own stock in horror, drama, romance, comedy, and brain-scrambling WTF-ness.

All of those elements, and plenty more, were the highpoints of Twin Peaks, the anything but routine procedural, co-created by Lynch and Mark Frost, that left viewers scratching their temples through its two-season existence. When they weren't scratching, though, viewers were applauding the show's uncanny knack for producing shivers and awkward laughs in equal measure.

The plot of Twin Peaks, or whatever semblance of coherent narrative there was, traced the investigations of one Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan), a beguiling lead character obsessed with nabbing the person who killed homecoming queen Laura Palmer; unlike AMC's The Killing, though, the whodunit side of Twin Peaks played second fiddle to the show's beautifully random scenes. Our personal favorite remains Cooper's infamous dream sequence, which we strongly advise you watch above.