Air Dates: 1958
Network: Never aired (available on DVD)
Best Episode: "Destination Nightmare"

Don't worry if you've never heard of The Veil—it never actually aired. When the show was 10 episodes into its 12-ep debut season, the collapse of its backing studio stopped production and ultimately caused the Boris Karloff-hosted anthology program to meet an early grave. But that didn't stop critics and insiders from praising what they'd already seen, a mounting buzz that led to The Veil's widespread distinction as “the greatest television never seen.”

Now available, albeit obscurely, on DVD, The Veil is definitely a worthwhile Holy Grail of sorts for horror fanatics. Amongst the show's sinister characters are a cute yet possibly dead female drifter (“Girl On The Road”), two fighting brothers getting bossed around by their deceased father (“Genesis”), and a pilot who has tragic premonitions (“Destination Nightmare”, which beat Final Destination to the punch 42 years beforehand).