Air Dates: September 16, 1963 - January 16, 1965
Network: ABC
Best Episode: "Demon With A Glass Hand" (October 17, 1964)

There's a fine line drawn in the proverbial sand that separates genre heads, and placement on either side depends on how the following question is answered: What's better, The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits? It's an unfair question in ways, since both shows are undeniably exceptional and laid the groundwork for practically every science fiction and psychologically complex horror property released in their respective wake.

But, as you'll find out deeper into this countdown, we're pro Zone, though we're also able to fully appreciate the genius behind Outer Limits—that's us tip-toeing that previously mentioned line.

Visually, The Outer Limits, a wholly sci-fi-based series, has a grittier, more claustrophobic veneer than Rod Serling's Zone, which aids its individuality considerably. As do its lavish alien designs, top-quality effects that upgraded nearly all of the show's intergalactic monsters into truly frightening scene-stealers. The best thing about The Outer Limits, however, was its writing, which treated potentially hokey subject matter with delicacy and profound maturity.