Air Dates: June 19, 1973 - June 9, 1974
Network: Nine Network (in Australia)
Best Episode: "They"

A television show that operates in the “genre anthology” format has a great deal of leeway to experiment with styles and tones, yet it's always refreshing when one sticks to the darker side. Such was the case with The Evil Touch, an Australian production that cut right to the bleakness in all of its 26 episodes.

The show's best entries were also its weirdest: In “They”, a batshit tale about a cult, demonic kids have replaced tired adults and people can morph into ponies (seriously); “The Trial” traps a rich guy inside a carnival at nighttime, where a loony brain surgeon chases him around in hopes of performing a seemingly unnecessary lobotomy (the climax of this one can watched above). That's right: The Evil Touch, Australian for “fear.”