Air Dates: August 3, 1951 - June 12, 1953
Network: ABC
Best Episode: "The Window" (November 7, 1952)

Classic anthology shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, both honored on this countdown, owe their existence to Tales Of Tomorrow, the original science-fiction-minded series of its kind for adults. Tallying in at 85 episodes, the ABC-produced trendsetter weaved all kinds of sci-fi phenomena—flying saucers, aliens, interplanetary research—into its half-hour stories, which might, at first, seem like measly fodder for a “scary” TV series, but we're not talking Buzz Lightyear here.

“The Invader” features a little kid whose precocious ways turn malicious, and “Plague From Space” finds a spaceship landing on Earth and emitting a deadly outbreak of disease. And, just for good horror measure, “Frankenstein” switched things up and gave Lon Chaney Jr. (a.k.a. Universal's original The Wolf Man) a chance to do his best Boris Karloff impression as Dr. Frankenstein's monster. What horror aficionado wouldn't fuck with that?