Air Dates: October 29, 1983 - July 24, 1988
Network: Syndicated
Best Episode: "Levitation" (May 19, 1985)

In terms of its stories, the anthology series Tales From The Darkside wasn't much different from the aforementioned Monsters or HBO's Tales From The Crypt: In half-hour durations, doomed characters tried their best to overcome supernaturally determined fates, but always met grisly demises. But, unlike either of those like-minded programs, Tales From The Darkside had two characteristics working to its unique advantage.

Firstly, the show was produced and created by George A. Romero, the horror filmmaking titan behind the almighty Dead trilogy (Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, and Day Of The Dead), as well as non-zombie gems like Martin (one of the genre's most underrated vampire flicks) and the EC Comics-inspired omnibus Creepshow. Secondly, and most crucially, Darkside opened with the scariest theme music of any “scary” TV show. Give it a listen for yourselves up top, and try not to replay it in your head all day long…while looking over your shoulder.