Air Dates: October 1, 1988 - April 1, 1991
Network: Syndicated
Best Episode: "Portrait Of The Artist" (October 8, 1989)

Checking out Monsters episodes today, the horror-minded anthology series doesn't entirely hold up. Executive producer Richard P. Rubinstein (one of Night Of The Living Dead's original backers) and his colleagues designed Monsters as a comedic answer to Tales From The Darkside, which was also produced by Rubinstein. Each episode featured a different creature for a villain, and the scares were always punctuated by ironic humor.

Back in the late '80s, the jokes might've landed better, but these days on the Chiller network, Monsters reruns don't always induce laughter, at least not the intended kind. But creature effects are consistently grotesque and out there. Over the course of three seasons, Monsters ignored good taste with overgrown aliens that look like vermin (“Parents From Space”), a plant that morphs into a sex addict (“The Mandrake Root”), and a corpse that sucks the badness out of whomever touches it (“Sin-Sop”).