Air Dates: October 25, 1996 - May 21, 1999
Network: FOX
Best Episode: "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense" (November 27, 1997)

Three years into The X-Files' run of pop culture domination, series creator Chris Carter tried his hand at doubling up on the small-screen, in the form of Millennium. The outcome wasn't as successful, but the show's quality isn't to blame. Starring the ever-reliable Lance Henriksen, Millennium followed a police consultant, Frank Black, with the skill of peering into a criminal's mind, which, on the surface, doesn't sound like much of a horror trip—seems more in line with The Mentalist, no?

Henriksen wasn't tracking corporate sharks and cheating husbands, though; Millennium's weekly antagonists were of a much sicker order. The first season revolved around the pursuit of serial killers, but Season Two (its penultimate run) opened the scope up and introduced demonic forces into the mix. Darkly atmospheric, Millennium's tone worked itself quite well into The X-Files in 1999, when Carter, throwing a bone to the former's loyal fans mourning its cancellation, had Agents Mulder and Scully team up with Frank Black for an episode titled, get this, “Millennium.” And, impressively enough, Breaking Bad mastermind Vince Gilligan co-wrote it.