Air Dates: March 3, 2004 - July 15, 2004
Network: ABC
Best Episode: "Thy Kingdom Come" (March 3, 2004)

Had Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier's 1994 mini-series Riget (translation: The Kingdom) been a longer-form program, we'd have included that on this countdown, not the Americanized version, Kingdom Hospital. Far superior, von Trier's original saga about a supernaturally infected hospital is a freaky, at times random, and often funny oddity; the U.S. version, spearheaded by the one and only Stephen King, retains some of Riget's unconventional force, but not enough.

Kingdom Hospital isn't without its gloriously demented highlights, though. Exploiting his interests in black comedy, King littered the 13-episode series with bizarre flourishes, some lifted directly from von Trier's incarnation, including a guy who thinks in German, a headless person roaming the halls, and death personified as a creepy little girl. In terms of weirdness, Kingdom Hospital is filled to the brim.