Air Dates: September 21, 2005 - May 17, 2006
Network: ABC
Best Episode: "Run And Gun" (May 3, 2006)

Timing really wasn't on the side of ABC and Invasion creator Shaun Cassidy. The sci-fi/horror series had a kick-ass premise: After a hurricane pulverizes a small Florida community, little water-based parasites worm their way into as many of the townsfolk as possible, cloning their victims into lookalike evildoers. So, yeah, it was basically Invasion Of The Body Snatchers for the prime-time TV circuit, which is awesome.

They couldn't have picked a worse time to debut, though; a month before Invasion's premiere date, Hurricane Katrina hit. In the wake of the New Orleans disaster, ABC, understandably, had to suddenly alter the show's marketing; in the end, Invasion plodded through weak ratings, and the network yanked the plug after one season.

Those who watched Invasion at the time, or who catch its reruns nowadays on the Chiller network, know that ABC shit the bed with that call. Anchored by the oh-so-sinister William Fichtner, Invasion told its dark story with panache, smacking viewers in the collective head with legit shocks and moments of palpable tension. Had ABC's recent failure V taken cues from Cassidy's unfairly canned series, we'd still have the pleasure of ogling Elizabeth Mitchell every seven days.