Air Dates: September 1976 - March 1982
Network: Syndicated
Best Episode: None in particular

Unsolved Mysteries might be the more recognizable show, but In Search Of is the true originator of the probe-into-strange-phenomena television format. The creators of this oft-forgotten series knew something that later shows such as Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings have milked: Reality can be more terrifying than anything Hollywood's craziest minds could ever imagine.

So can Leonard Nimoy, the show's odd-looking host who'll forever bring to mind Star Trek's discomforting Spock. Getting Nimoy to drive In Search Of was the hook needed to pull in genre fans; populating each episode with insightful explorations into such unexplained topics as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Amelia Earhart's disappearance is what made them come back on a regular basis. And, back in the late '70s, Bigfoot and Nessie weren't the ridiculous farces they are today, thus seeing them on In Search Of was the stuff of nightmares.