Air Dates: September 13, 1980 - December 6, 1980
Network: ITV
Best Episode: "The House That Bled To Death" (October 11, 1980)

Are you a fan of happy endings? No, in stories, perverts. If you are, then Hammer House Of Horror isn't for you. For the rest of us who love a good downer of a coda, this British horror series, which only ran for 13 episodes back in 1980, is refreshingly cynical, capturing the old everyone-is-doomed spirit of EC Comics but with zero humor.

Clocking in at 50 minutes each, Hammer's episodes are essentially shortened horror films. The best of the lot is “The House That Bled To Death”, a twisty haunted house yarn in which a little girl's in-house birthday party abruptly ends when blood pours down from busted pipes. Also highly recommended: “The Two Faces Of Evil”, a brain-fuck of a visual experience about a guy who sees his doppelganger on the side of a country road, as well as “The Thirteenth Reunion”, in which a reporter stumbles across a weight loss clinic used for ritualistic murder.