Air Dates: October 3, 1987 - May 26, 1990
Network: Syndicated
Best Episode: "Scarlett Cinema" (February 20, 1989)

Who comes to mind when someone mentions Friday The 13th? Hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees, of course. Well, the producers of Friday The 13th: The Series didn't give a shit about that association outside of its profit margins. See, the show wasn't Jason's chance to investigate crimes alongside hardnosed cops, or save lives in an ER; Friday The 13th: The Series instead followed a couple of average folks around as they battled supernatural entities and searched for missing antiques. And never crossed Jason Voorhees' path.

The obvious pilfering from Voorhees' good name aside, the American-Canadian show was an interesting experiment in its own right. Predating The CW's modern-day hit Supernatural, Friday The 13th sent its protagonists to slug it out with a variety of wild foes: a killer scarecrow, tattoos that come to life, a radio that scares listeners to death, a movie camera that brings cinematic monsters into reality, and a haunted TV set are just a few of the show's evil plot-movers. All of which are way more interesting than Jason, anyway. Sorry, gorehounds.